Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame out-of Paris) (1998-2018)

Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame out-of Paris) (1998-2018)

By: Audio by the Dove Attia, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Olivier Schultheis, William Rousseau, Nicolas Luciani, Rodrigue Janois and you may Francois Castello. Lyrics by Vincent Baguian and Patrice Guirao. Guide of the Dove Attia and you will Francois Chouquet. In addition, it uses musical by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. Language: French Sumadeus Mozart. It starts with Mozart making the use of Prince-Archbishop Colloredo and you will take a trip as much as European countries, just as Mozart das Tunes does. But not, this tunes focuses much more about Mozart's amount of time in Vienna along with his experience of other author and you can opponent Antonio Salieri, whilst taking a look at the relationship with their wife with his dad. Watch: You will find a formal Dvd of unique 2010 cast. That expert-sample is on Youtube which have optional English subtitles. The latest behind the scenes for the 2010 development having elective English subs is found on Youtube. It absolutely was in addition to recorded inside the three dimensional and you will broadcast during the concert halls for the 2011. One to professional-shot that have optional English subtitles and Korean subtitles stuck to your clips is even on Youtube. You will find several costume differences between the fresh new 2010 and you can 2011 and you can Constanze and lots of of your own a whole lot more lesser emails is starred of the more actors. Brand new 2011 plus doesn't have the brand new real time ring that the 2010 has. There are even some official songs video clips. Currently the 2019 Takarazuka design is found on Youtube. Listen: You will find numerous systems of your totally new 2009 throw album: a couple various other focus on albums, a lengthier record album and good step 3 disc collectors model having an advantage Digital video disc that have behind-the-scenes or other movies on the. The fresh emphasize Computer game is on Spotify in addition to specific singles which aren't towards the high light record. Japan emphasize record album is on Youtube.

So it of course has a light become than just Mozart das Music and cannot just be sure to hit your since hard mentally, nonetheless it keeps higher pop music and you may material songs, together with good bisexual Mozart and you can an enthusiastic emo Saliri so just what even more might you wanted best?

By: Music of the Richard Cocciante. Words and you can publication of the Luc Plamondon. Language: French (There can be a good London design during the 2000 and you will a vegas manufacturing for the 2000) Summary: Predicated on Victor Hugo's elizabeth. Quasimodo, a good hunchback whom uses his existence invisible for the Notre Dame, drops crazy about brand new bohemian girl Esmerelda, however, she's crazy about Phoebus, the newest bride to be of Fleur-de-Lys. At the same time, Frollo, this new priest of Notre-Dame, seems uncontrolled and violent desires to possess Esmerelda. So it audio has a much black tone and you will finish as compared to Disney one to (Arbitrary truth, depending on the Guinness Book away from Facts, met with the most effective first 12 months of every musical ever before.) Watch: Indeed there certified Cds of unique 1998 Paris cast and 2002 Italian cast. You will find a pro-shot of 2008 Korean shed. The initial 1998 French tape is found on Youtube, although it does not have any English subs. Additionally the fresh Italian recording is found on Youtube with no subtitles. You can find video clips and you can tunes that have English subtitles towards the next towards Youtube. Listen: You can find formal Dvds of your own 1997 build record, 1998 Paris cast, 2000 London area shed, 2001 Italian shed, 2001 Barcelona shed, 2001 Paris ast, 2002 Italian cast, 2002 Russian throw, 2003 Russian cast, 2005 Asian tour throw, 2008 Korean throw, 2010 Flemish cast, 2013 Korean throw and you can 2017 Paris renewal shed. The initial 1998 French throw record album is found on Spotify. The fresh new 2017 Paris renewal throw is on Spotify.

Die Papstin (The fresh new Pope) (2011-2019)

By: Audio, lyrics and you will guide of the Dennis De- Marti. Language: German Realization: According to research by the Donna W. Get across book Pope Joan. The newest tunes followes Johanna because their particular need to know forces their in order to pretend getting a guy and as she meets the clergy she sooner or later rises becoming the Pope. Watch: Zero professional-attempt is obtainable. There's a good playlist of your few official films to your Youtube. Listen: There clearly was a great Cd of one's brand-new 2011 Italian language throw and you may the fresh new 2012 Czech cast. The original Italian language shed album is on Spotify.

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