How much time Do Homosexual People Live?

What is the normal age of a gay person and a gay female?

The answer to this question relies largely upon where you live, in general it’s about 50 years older for gay men and mid-40s for women. However the numbers depend on a misleading strategy, one that demographers have been very critical of: Cameron and two fellow workers cull obituaries coming from gay stories and tally up the age range of those who all died.

That method is a classic statistician’s argument — and it does not work well when you need to know how much time people who don’t die will live, as well. That’s as to why it was a major mistake to make the life span base of 43 years intended for gay males, for example , right from obituaries.

Actually AIDS hasn’t cut gay men’s average life span by more than a few years at most.

Sometimes televangelists continue to use the Cameron review as a basis for their anti-gay fear mongering. In 1983, the religious right's leading proponent of anti-gay crusades, Paul Cameron j., published a survey that statements gay people are “ten to twenty circumstances more likely than heterosexuals to molest kids, ” a claim that is still used in hard-right sermons and MORNING radio screeds today.

Another recent analyze from research workers at the College or university of Washington, using nationwide survey info, found that LGB mature adults have a drastically higher risk of disability and mental distress than heterosexuals. They also reported a significant higher frequency of heart disorders, strokes and lower back pain.

Shaunte R. Turpin

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