FXTM Broker Review and Tutorial 2021

FXTM Broker Review and Tutorial 2021

Existing in the digital age, we work in an instant on-demand world. A world where the information we want is readily available with a few clicks. Every day a new facet of our lives, enter the digital mode of functioning. That is great. The finances and trading are already well into the game. Now, there are dedicated platforms with online functionality for trading, broking and deal with CFDs (Contracts for Difference). These platform or services are leading with the best online tools and mechanisms. Moreover, most of these platforms with strict regulation and keep compliance in check. In addition, these operate with the financial markets. Such trading platforms also allow you to network among the financial or brokers’ community. This online working or financing offers ultimate convenience and ease in trading. It allows you to open new horizons and delve into new financial services ventures.

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FXTM Trade the world's markets

There are various online trading platforms available. They differ in services, approach, scope and scalability. Security in trading and fund transfer is the major concern among these platforms. Although, platforms take strict security measures and adhere to compliance policies. Still, there can be a lacking. Another factor, which affects the choice of trading platforms, is the availability of features that facilitate.

FXTM Get more freedom

Today, we are going to talk about a platform that encompasses the best of trading and financial features. FXTM is the ultimate choice for trading and financial enthusiasts. The FXTM is a global entity with the apex trading mechanisms and strategies to help you conquer. The name denotes credibility because is a secure global broker with a vast network of offices across the globe. It offers multiple trade execution channels Moreover; it has an uncompromised stance on security. Let us learn more about FXTM through a detailed review. We would dig every detail to give you an honest review. This would surely help you to make a decision.

So, without further ado, let us get started.


What is FXTM? (FXTM Review)

FXTM What is Forex

Forex Time or FXTM is a global and secure broker. The FXTM saw the dawn back in the year 2011. Being one of the next generation players in the game, FXTM has quickly established itself as a popular trading platform. It is one of the fastest-growing FX brokers in the world. FXTM is an international broker that specializes in leveraged Forex and CFD (Contract for difference) trading.

FXTM was proudly founded by the maestro Andrey Dashin who is a leader in the international scenario. He is a pioneer in brokerage brands and international magnates. He is a successful alumnus from Kazan Federal University. Realizing the importance of Forex in the late 90s, he entered the realm of Forex. After almost a great decade, Andrey founded FXTM in Cyprus. It is regulated there by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The vision was an entity that provides unmatched innovative technologies. This was a big step at the time. It proved its potential now as Forex Time has now a staggering 2 Million customers’ community. You can learn more about Andrey Dashin at his website here.

FXTM ratings

FXTM has a wide presence in 150 countries with a whopping 2 million customers. That speaks volume. FXTM is an award-winning entity. FXTM works with high regulation in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. With its headquarters in Cyprus, FXTM has a closely-knit global network of pro brokers and customers. The Cyprus Securities and exchange comiauthorities mainly regulate it. Other international major offices are based in Mauritius and the United Kingdom. It is regulated by and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and come other regulators. FXTM is primarily licensed by financial entities from South Africa with CIF license number 185.

FXTM help

The best thing about FXTM is the security, flexibility and adaptability according to the user needs. FXTM offers a multitude of financial services and products. In addition, it offers various trading account types and a marvellous feedback mechanism. Moreover, FXTM is ideal for both beginners and experts. It helps you build a viable understanding and approach towards financing and trading. This allows you to nurture your expertise. It educates you along the way. This means, now beginners can easily work on a trading platform without having any previous skillset and high knowledge. You just need a will and passion for trading and financing. FXTM gives you a complete experience as a valued customer. It would assist you in your ventures.


What are the products of Forex Time?

If we talk about the products/services offered by FXTM, we have a wide range. You can also invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using FXTM. In addition, at FXTM you can deal with stocks. You can also experiment with indices and metals. This show how flexible is FXTM in terms of products and trading.

However, primarily FXTM deals with two things: Forex Trading and CFDs (Contracts for Difference) trading. A Forex is a foreign exchange market where international currencies are traded. This is crucial for international trade because currencies enable the purchase of good and services. The basic aims behind Forex are trading, commerce or tourism. Forex markets tend to be the largest and most liquid-asset markets in the world.

On the other hand, CFD trading denotes the buying and selling of CFDs. CFDs enable you to speculate on financial services markets such as indices, Forex, shares and commodities. That too, without having to take ownership of the underlying assets. You can easily open an account and operate on a simple bank transfer.


Is FXTM safe or a scam? (FXTM review)

In this FXTM broker review, we would take a very comprehensive approach to this concern.

Is this concern rational?

Now, this is a valid question or concern for anyone. Especially, the ones who are new to trading platforms, this is the biggest concern for them. It is very rational to question the legitimacy and authenticity of any trading platforms before investing and registering. We cannot ignore the fact that there are chances of fraudulent practices in online trading platforms. There is always a pertaining of cyber-attacks. That is why it is vital to check and verify the legitimacy of any trading platform before investing. Trading platforms must work for secure mechanisms. Moreover, they must operate well in regulations and compliance with the laws and authorities.

The legitimacy of FXTM

Now, when it comes to the legitimacy of FXTM, let us get into the details for its authenticity. Well, we can say this with full confidence that Forex Time is a legit broker. All the adjoining entities and brands of FXTM are highly regulated and authorized by a multitude of global jurisdictions. Forex Time is based headquartered in Cyprus. It based and regulated under CIF license number 185. That is why it is mainly regulated from there. The CY SEC (Cyprus Security Exchange Commission) regulates Forex Time Limited. FXTM’s registration number at CY SEC is 185/12. Moreover, the FSCA of South Africa authorizes Forex Time Limited by registration no. 46614. Additionally, in Mauritius, it is authorized by the FSC bearing license number C113012295. This shows how brilliantly Forex Time keeps the regulation in check. It makes sure that it is verified by all the major regional regulatory authorities. This shows that truly Forex Time is a legit trading platform. The presence and grip of financial conduct authority make sure that any fraudulent practice does not occur.

That is the reason it is a trusted platform. Forex Time Limited has a name in Europe. FXTM is also licensed in the United Kingdom. In Great Britain, it is regulated and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is a sharp regulator in the UK. The registration number of FXTM at UK FCA (financial conduct authority) is 600475 European MIFID and ICF allowing cross broker activities formulated UK FCA's principles. This makes it a high calibre regulator in the European region. Which in turn, makes Forex Time Limited a credible company and trader in the European Union nations. This shows that FXTM is definitely a safe and secure platform. A financial sector conduct authority is always consulted important matters.

FXTM's 2 million customers and its operations in 150 countries already speak volume about its credibility. Over a decade, it has evolved as one of the topmost famous and best trading platforms. Mainly, the highest level of regulation occurs in South Africa with FSP. A financial sector conduct authority is always consulted on policy up-gradation or security matters.

How customers are protected at Forex Time?

We have discussed and verified above that FXTM is highly regulated and licensed by the top international authorities. This gives us a sigh of relief that it is a legit platform. In addition, it tells that traders are protected at Forex Time. FXTM's license is proof of its compliance. Traders' investments are completely safe on FXTM. Because the broker can segregate the funds from the operational funds of FXTM while keeping it in the legal and credible European Union Banks.

FXTM regulations

Moreover, FXTM is also a part of the Investor Compensation Fund. It compensates in case there is any company insolvency. In addition, it is secured by the negative balance protection. This is a plus point of Forex Time with all the licenses it has. The authorities regularly audit all the trading and transactions. In this way, traders can freely trade without any fear of loss and scams. This is great news for all the forex brokers.

There is one Con

All the licenses speak volume about FXTM’s legitimacy and credibility. However, there is one con related to FXTM. The con is that it is listed on the stock exchange. This is a major drawback when it comes to talking about the legitimacy of FXTM. However, the licenses and authorization of Forex Time are overwhelming. They verify its authenticity. Therefore, do not worry about this point a lot. You can freely trade on FXTM without any doubt.


What are the Pros and Cons of FXTM? (FXTM review)

Now, it is time for getting in the game of pros and cons of FXTM by FXTM broker review.


  • Awarded by multiple industry laureates.
  • Highly regulated by various international authorities.
  • Low deposit requirement by FXTM.
  • Limited and tight spreads.
  • Quick and digital trading account opening.
  • Multiple and custom standard account types.
  • Offers free deposit on certain accounts.
  • Suits individual trading style.
  • Fast bank transfer.
  • Flexible charge/fee conditions.
  • Low stock and index fees.
  • Interbank trade and variable spread plus commission.
  • Extensive range of deposit and withdrawal options
  • Certain withdrawal options offer a zero-fee policy.
  • Customer-friendly desktop and app interface.
  • Wide range of tools and instruments.
  • Automation in trading by FXTM.
  • Effectual variation in minimum deposit according to the account in use.
  • Transparent fee reporting mechanism.
  • Automated training facility.
  • Active monitoring charts.
  • Social trading benefits
  • Learning and research tools.
  • Unmatched financial services


  • Limited accessibility in certain regions.
  • Only Meta Trader 4 & 5 is available at FXTM.
  • FXTM max order size is limited to 30 standard lots per trade.
  • On ECN accounts trading, you get restricted margins and leverage caps.
  • You can only limit and stop a level, only after you execute a trade on an ECN account.
  • Certain accounts have a relatively high fee.
  • Confusion in charges.
  • By the time, FXTM has limited its cryptocurrency trading.

Trading Fees of FXTM (FXTM review)

When it comes to trading fees at FXTM, affordability is pertained. The trading varies according to the type of account the trader is using. For instance, in the ECN standard account, the spread is low but charges a commission. The commission on an ECN account is very low if the account balance is high or your trade rate is high.

Moreover, the trading fees also depend on the type of instrument or product in use. Let us look at this way by FXTM broker review.

CFD Trading

The CFD trading fees structure is presented in the table below:  (FXTM review)

FXTM Trading Fee Structure 

FOREX: for all the forex brokers, fees are listed as below: (FXTM review)

FXTM Forex Trading Fees

ECN Standard Account (FXTM Review)

FXTM ECN Account Commisions

Real Stock Fees

Now, if you are a non-EU client, you can also trade commission on a free basis with real stocks. Real stocks are from NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. According to the policies of 2020, FXTM charges zero fees and dealing charges on real stocks. You can even access real-time price information for real stocks.


FXTM Trading Accounts

When it comes to the accounts, once again FXTM is a class apart. The FXTM accounts offer convenience and effortless trading. You can separate accounts for investments and forex trading. This results in better management and optimum functioning. You can narrow it down and further spilt the accounts. The preference is according to trading transactions, instrument usage and trading size. The minimum deposit on the accounts is very less. There are three kinds of accounts at FXTM: Micro, Advantage and Advantage Plus. Let us discuss these three types of accounts in a bit detail below:

  • Micro: Easily accessible account type with a very low deposit, zero commissions, instant execution and spread from 1.5 pips.
  • Advantage: This is the cheapest account offered by FXTM. It has an average commission of $0.4 to $2 based on the volume and spreads at 0.0.
  • Advantage Plus: This is a partner account that comes with a zero commission policy (spread only) and spreads at 1.5 pips.

For more details, please see the image below:

FXTM Account Types

Well, the above three were the basic types of accounts offered by FXTM. FXTM can further be more specific in terms of accounts for the convenience of its users. It provides a variety of accounts. These accounts differ on factors such as regions/countries, minimum deposit, pricing, products etc. some of these are Cent account, Stock CFD account, ECN account and FXTM Pro account.

All the FXTM accounts operate with a minimum order level of 0.01 lots.

The best thing about FXTM in terms of accounts is that takes diversity into consideration. The wide range of accounts covers the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds such as Islamic customers. These accounts are tailored to suit the individual requirements. This adaptability and flexibility by FXTM is the reason they are leading in the field.

FXTM Demo Account

One of the most viable features of FXTM. This amazing feature is great for beginners or traders who want to try it. It is also great for forex brokers’ initial experience. They can easily experience the trade through a demo account. You have $1,000,000 available to trade. Please note that this is just for you to practice. If you were going with a demo account, FXTM would assist you in every step and aspect. The demo account user would receive systematic tutorials, online free webinar and special assistance or support by the account manager in 16 languages. To open an account for a demo, you go to the FXTM website and register.

FXTM Get more from the markets


FXTM Trading Platform (FXTM review)

FXTM Candle Stick Chart

How to use Forex Time?

When it comes to FXTM usage, there are high tech platforms for the users. FXTM has the world’s best tech and leading minds working to create the optimal user experience. Forex Time partnered with the world's top software entities. Meta Trader is an ace tech platform for trading activities. The progressive technology by Meta Trader comes into play with FXTM’s unmatchable trading services. This leads to the generation one of a kind trading user experience. It allows for a smooth operation. Moreover, this results in enhance trading possibilities and capabilities for FXTM users.

FXTM was presented the best versions of Meta Trader for its users. Metatrader 4 and 5 platforms are very popular in the market. The versions are comprehensive yet simple and easy to use. There are sufficient trading options. However, MT 5 is not available for certain accounts such as Cent or share account. There is no need to worry. Because Metatrader 4 is also a high-performance platform.

The nature of the trading platform matters a lot. Let us discuss them briefly below:

Web Trading Platform

FXTM provides both MT 4 and MT 5 on its web-trading platform. If you are a beginner and regular-sized trader, a web-trading platform is ideal for you. It is easily accessible through any browser. It does not require any installation and provides ease in navigation. The platform is compatible with payment channels such as credit card and bank transfer.

FXTM Candle Stick Chart Barrier

Desktop Trading Platform

Now, if the user requires more tools along with powerful operation and customization, the desktop trading platform is ideal for you. This desktop trading platform is compatible with all kinds of devices and setups. Moreover, it is also accessible through a multi-terminal, which is very useful for money managers.

Forex MetaTrader

At your personal convenience, you can easily access your account. It comes with all the necessary and useful tools for trading. Some of the notable ones are Pivot point’s strategy and trading signals. In addition, converters and calculators are designed to give you a very professional trading outlook.

TradingView Tablet

Mobile Trading Platform

Keeping up with the digital rage, FXTM provides user-friendly applications for its users. Now, users can trade anywhere through portable devices. Metatrader 4 and 5 powers the apps as well. They come with all tools and a custom user interface.


MetaTrader 4 & 5 (FXTM review)

Meta Trader is a specialized platform for Forex trading. It opens the arenas for the financial analysis of markets. Meta Trader has the top financial and trading experts on service. Moreover, it offers mobile trading, trading signals and forex markets access. All these are integral parts of an optimum and profitable trading experience. FXTM and Meta Trader are on a mission to make that remarkable experience for you. On FXTM, two versions of Meta Trader are supported; MT 4 and MT 5. Both of these versions are up to the mark.

Both MetaTrader 4 and 5 are great. However, MetaTrader 4 is more popular comparatively. Metatrader 4 caters traders of all skill levels. The applications and tools by MetaTrader 4 are amazing.


Social Trading (FXTM review)

FXTM provides the ultimate automation in trading by FXTM. It allows the execution of orders automatically, in accordance with implemented strategy. Through social trading, you can enhance your network. You can follow strategy managers, which you can choose through setting certain filters. This a great way, FXTM allows you to master the skills and learn from experts in the network.

FXTM Social Trading


FXTM Trading Instruments & Products

Forex Time being one of the leading trading platforms, provide the best range of instruments for its customers. It makes sure that stands as a phenomenal platform through its unmatchable instruments and products. These instruments allow the users to delve well into the world of trading. Moreover, these instruments allow the users to experiment and see what works best for them in the trading arena.  Instruments bring a sense of autonomy and provide a space for users in the realm of trading. That is why they are important.

Which is why Forex Time puts in a lot of effort in developing instruments in a manner that facilitates. The Forex Time instruments are meant to create opportunities for making money. That is the reason FXTM is acing in the world of trading. It believes in providing maximum benefits to its valued customers. To be honest, this is the key to FXTM’s success. Moreover, it enhances the approach of its client and polishes them to become ace traders.

Let us now learn about Forex Time’s instruments. Forex Time offers more than 300 instruments. That is massive. The primary instruments are CFD and Forex. In addition, there is an extended offer to the direct ownership of the shares. Well, that is not just it. Forex Time takes a generous approach in this regard. Additionally, it deals with the trade of metals, indices, certain commodities and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. This wide range of instruments shows Forex Time’s alignment with the modern digital age modes of trading. The adaptability in terms of instruments is the key to Forex Time’s lead.

Let us now discuss the instruments in a bit detail below:

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) Trading

CFDs with leverage (or without leverage) permit the trading on the difference in the price of an underlying asset between the opening and closing time of the position (long or short).  Contract for difference is a derivate product. They enable you to speculate on the financial markets such as forex, indices, shares and commodities without having to take ownership of the underlying asset.

When it comes to trading CFDs, you are agreeing on making a trade on the difference in the price of an asset. This starts at a point on which the contract is opened until it is closed. You get big benefits when you trade with CFD. It is that you can speculate the price movement in any direction. The profit or loss that you get is entirely dependent on the extent to which your forecast is accurate. This demands learning and certain abilities. In this regard, Forex Time believes in educating its clients over time. Forex Time has been able to create nurturing learning and incentivizing trade experience for its users. That is quite a benchmark set by Forex Time.

Forex Time gives you a chance to invest in fluctuated underlying assets. That too without being the owner or holder of that asset. Now, this popular practice allows reducing costs and provides access to global markets by maximizing the trading opportunities for its users.

Forex Trading

Coming to the next big thing that Forex Time deals with. Forex or foreign exchange trading is the conversion of currencies into another. Forex is the most active trading market in the world. On daily basis, on average, a staggering $5 trillion are traded in Forex.

Forex trading involves buyers and sellers who transfer currency between each other at a set price. There are many closely-knit and extensive networks of forex traders across the world. This is massive and the trillion-dollar trade speaks volume. Forex becomes a medium through which individuals, central banks and companies convert the currency into another. Forex transactions are literally happening round the clock as people are travelling internationally. That is why they are vital as well.

You might be wondering what makes people convert a currency other than travelling. Well, money is the motivation. People convert currencies to make profits. The rapid rate of conversions makes price movements of certain currencies very volatile. That volatility is what drives the demand for forex. This brings a high chance of profits.

However, there is great risk involved as well. In that case, you need a reliable platform for this. Forex Time takes the ultimate precedence in this regard. With its trading maestros, you can test your luck at forex. In turn, your chances of making profits are increased. CFD trading plays a key role in forex trading. Both of these primary instruments of FXTM go hand in hand to make a mark. The most developed market by FXTM offers are a larger number of currency pairs for trade. The offer by FXTM includes the major currency pairs along with minor and exotic ones as well.

CFD and forex trade is driven by a large supply of small brokers. The possibility of trading shares in a conventional way is always valued and accessing the ownership of the shares.

Additional Instruments by Forex Time

Forex Time also provides its users with some additional instruments. At Forex Time, you would have the privilege to trade over 100 stocks. This number is consistently on the rise. More stocks, more opportunities and more profit for FXTM's valued users. In addition, the FXTM users can trade CFDs on crude oil, Brent oil and natural gas. This gives full-fledge flexibility to FXTM users to experiment in trading.

That is not just it, people. You also get to trade metals. Such as silver and gold combined with dollars. In addition, Euro and pound sterling complete the narrowed offer.

When it comes to indices, the FXTM users get the range. At FXTM, the users get to trade CFDs on 11 prominent indices. This is done at a global level with indices from Germany, the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Last but not the least; the users get to try their luck on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm especially in the last decade. It is a miracle of blockchain technology. FXTM moves with the trend. It brings what is best and profitable for its users. FXTM allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with CFDs on the most liquid cryptographic assets. Some of the leading ones are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple. With the rising profit rates in digital currencies, more and more users are joining the league to make fortunes.


FXTM Mobile Apps

FXTM provides the ultimate ease of trading through an app as well. Now, you can trade and even monitor the status anywhere through the FXTM app. The Meta Trader options are easily accessible through this FXTM app. The app MT4 and MT5 are available on the App Store and Google Play store. The app is compatible with various operating systems as well. The app allows you to monitor charts, conduct trading of forex and CFDs. You can also set alerts for various things such as certain price points.

In addition to the Meta Trader app, FXTM has a standalone app called FXTM trader. It comes with a clean and crisp layout. Moreover, you can experience user-friendly functionality through the FXTM app for live trading and monitoring.

On Mobile apps you get:

  • 250 plus instruments.
  • Real-time updates and alerts.
  • Advanced charting tools.
  • Single click trading.
  • Broad modification options.


Payment Methods – Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawal processes are core to trading platforms. These are sensitive stages in trading. Moreover, these two processes can cause a lot of frustration to users because they can be vague, slow and complicated. That is the reason most of the complaints and issues occur in these two stages. This is why trading platforms must invest the best resources and technologies at these stages. In both regards, people must look at policies before choosing certain platforms for trading.

In this regard, the role and way of FXTM deserve a round of applause. FXTM has the simplest and most secure manner of both withdrawals and deposits. Clarity, credibility and ease are the ultimate values of FXTM in withdrawals and deposits. Moreover, the processes take a very rational and modern approach. It uses convenient mediums for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, FXTM makes sure that both these processes are not a burden for their valued users. Let us learn more about the deposits and withdrawals at FXTM.

Deposit Options by FXTM

FXTM has a fast deposit mechanism through several methods. As a global trading platform, FXTM provides a wide range of possibilities in deposit. However, please note that these methods might vary according to country of origin. Each country of residence may have its own additional options or restrictions. However, they roughly allow most of the popular methods. You can easily deposit your money and complete your transaction within 2 hours. That is an efficient and quick period for deposit. This allows you to trade instantly. Following are the deposit methods by FXTM:

  • Credit Cards.
  • Bank Wire transfers with an additional possibility to perform a local bank transfer. The users can easily select a transfer via Deutsche Handel Bank that accepts the amount in Euros. In addition, the users can select Rietumu Banka using GBP, PLN, EUR USD and RUR for bank wire transactions.
  • Users can opt for E-wallets as well. For this, you can go with Neteller, Skrill, Alfa-click, Web Money, Dot-Pay, Yandex Money and QIWI Wallet. In addition, you can go for Bitcoin via Skrill and Counting.

FXTM Deposit and Withdrawal

This extensive range of mediums uses the latest technology. The aim is to make the deposit process convenient, secure and quick for you. That is the reason; FXTM users are fully satisfied and are at ease when it comes to depositing funds.

Minimum Deposit on FXTM

You would be astonished to know about this. The minimum deposit requirement of FXTM is 50 (EUR, USD or Pounds) only for a micro account. For Advantage and advantage plus, you need to have a minimum deposit of $500 only. The best thing is that the company covers the minimum deposit fees. This is great for the smart money management of users. If you are using other accounts than these three, the minimum depends on the type of your FXTM account. That too regardless of the currency used. It can be EUR, USD or Pound Sterling. Some of the minimum deposits for other accounts are 100 for a standard account, Cent account with 10 and ECN, ECN Zero, MT 4, MT 5 are 200. All of these minimum deposit rates are quite affordable. This variation in minimum deposits is great especially for beginners at FXTM account.

Withdrawal Fees Options at FXTM

Like the deposit mechanisms at FXTM, withdrawal options are just great as well. In fact, both, deposit and withdrawal features are modern and simple. For this, simply you have to submit an online request. In addition, just follow the required procedure. A brief systematic process that users need to follow for money withdrawal. Have a look below:

  • With your login of FXTM account, simply go to the withdrawal page through the My Money option.
  • Choose the withdrawal method that best suits you. Specify the amount and click on withdraw.
  • After that, complete the withdrawal request with a PIN. You would receive this PIN through email or phone via SMS.
  • Confirm withdrawal request and just click the submit button.

Withdrawal Channels at FXTM

FXTM Withdrawal Channels

For withdrawals, FXTM welcomes a variety of credible and viable channels. Major of these are the same channels that are enabled for deposits. Some of these are credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, Maestro. In addition, FXTM accepts channels such as Skrill, Neteller, bank and local transfers.

FXTM Local Money Transfer

Duration of Withdrawal at FXTM

When it comes to the duration of the money withdrawal, FXTM requires a very brief period. From the moment and confirm the request for withdrawal from your account, the account department gets to work. The accounts department of FXTM processes and confirms the withdrawal within two business days.

Although, FXTM takes full care of your request and withdrawal, as a user you must be very careful. You must consult the customer service of FXTM and confirm the status of your request. Please note that various jurisdictions may result and apply certain different rules. As a credible and careful trading platform, the payment provider might require some days depending on the particular and international rules. Moreover, it might depend on the country of residence. FXTM makes that your withdrawal process runs a safe and secure process for its users.

Withdrawal Fee at FXTM

A small withdrawal fee applies to the transactions and payment methods. The best thing is that on most of these transactions FXTM applies 0% commission. The small withdrawal fee varies according to the method of withdrawal. Let us consider a scenario for instance. There is a $3 fee on credit cards for withdrawals. On the other hand, there is a $30 fee on bank transfers. Web Money would demand 2% above the requested amount.

These FXTM withdrawal fees are still very less, as compared to other trading platforms. FXTM believes in affordability and providing the most benefits to the user.


Customer Support

Customer support is one of the integral parts of any entity. The nature and quality of any company’s customer support tell a lot about its values and priorities. Let us now learn about FXTM’s customer support. We have discovered above that Forex Time is great in all its major aspects. In the case of customer care, Forex Time also takes the lead. The positive reviews about FXTM’s customer support are pouring over online by users. This shows that over the years Forex Time has built a credible empire that values its customers through care and support.

FXTM Customer Support

Forextime Limited Customer Care is up to the par

Forex Time makes sure that its customer care takes inclusivity and diversity into account. FXTM has a 24/7 customer service chat (in selective cases). The best thing about this chat is that it can be translated into almost any language from any country. Users can ask for advice, questions and concerns. FXTM has a very patient and informed compliant department as well. It is capable of tackling customers

in a very empathetic and kind manner, which is great. In addition, the Forextime limited broker offers telephonic customer service with FXTM strategy managers in various countries. All this shows that Forex Time has a very considerate customer care department. Customer service is vital in any company. In the case of trading and financing, it has to be actively responsive. Because huge stakes and investments are involved. People are eager and anxious to connect in case of any problem or technical delay. However, very few companies consider this factor. Forextime Limited is very considerate in this regard.

It allows customers to know whatever they want to know. Forex Time also customer care services such as consultations and contact via email. In addition, consultations and communications are separated in dedicated offices according to the type of query. Such as advice, support, back office, media or how to open an account.

What is the protocol of customer care and channels?

When it comes to the operating hours, the European working hours are 8 am to 8 pm. Although the FXTM offers 24/7 support, it does it in selected regions. This can also vary according to the international time difference. However, during operating hours, customers can reach FXTM customer care. They can reach via phone, chat, email, post or other online options such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat, Telegram and Viber. This provision of a wide range of channels shows how flexible and supportive is Forex Time. It is an incredible service. This shows that how Forex Time prioritizes customer convenience and ease of access.

Forex Time email address is info@forextime.com.

You can reach Forex Time at this European phone number: +375 25 558 777

Through all these channels, you would get a quick response well within the time. Forex Time takes a very customer-oriented approach when it comes to customer service. We can assure you that you would be satiated by their customer service as well. Forex Time has dedicated customer care centres in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Cyprus, South Africa and certain European regions.


Additional Features of FXTM

Through this FXTM broker review, let us now know how it stands out. FXTM takes pride in being a leader in the field. One of the reasons is that it empowers its users. It offers more than just a regular trading platform. This creates more value for the user and in the market. Let us now discuss some additional features of FXTM

Research tools & Visualizations

Users can benefit from learning by accessing research and visualization tools provided by FXTM. Users can access Forex explanation, seminars, webinars, forex beginner’s guide, training videos, e-books and educational articles. Moreover, you can take consultation and advice from strategy managers.

FXTM Q1 2019

For visualizations, FXTM users get exposure to daily market analytics, market time podcasts, and forex news section and market analysis videos.

FXTM Advantages

Forex Time Loyalty Program

FXTM allows the user access to progressive benefits to enhance their trading portfolio. In this regard, FXTM loyalty programs are quite helpful. The program comprises 5 levels. The level works according to the amount of money in your trading account and trade rate as well.


Trading Platform Disclaimer

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. We do not hold any responsibility for the authenticity of the data presented. Please oblige to the protocols and legal boundaries set by the authorities.


Forextime Limited www.forextime.com


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